*sigh* here we go again…

Alas, the server on which my blog was hosted died a horrible death (well, not that horrible really, the network it was on became inaccessible, and then the owner took the opportunity to upgrade it – not that you care), so welcome to the all-new, clean and shiny blog with none of that nasty “precious memories that vanished in a puff of bits and can never be retrieved” nonsense that was clogging it up before.

This time, Matt, I really will keep it up-to-date. Daily postings! Prizes! Mind-bending logic puzzles! Unicorns! The last digit of Pi! Expect all these things and more in the coming [arbitrary time period].

2 thoughts on “*sigh* here we go again…

  1. Wow, only [arbitrary time period] to go before we learn the last digit of pi!

    I bet it’s “applesauce”.

    Also, unicorns!

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