ACN part VI: The video phone business model

I finally found the specifications for the Iris 2000 video phone that ACN is trumpeting as the Next Big Thing ™.

It turns out – it does use SIP! Halleluyah. And H.263, and all the other IETF-recommended standards.

The same standards supported by:
Grandstream ($299, which has far better protocol support including H.264)
Many, many more

And so on.

The difference?

ACN’s video phone is barely mentioned anywhere on the web, despite it essentially offering the same features as those other phones. Google “SIP video phone” and you’ll be taken to, whose video phone directly lists all the major players.

ACN isn’t there.

If I was considering hitching my commercial wagon to a video conferencing company, which would I pick? One made by Cisco? Or Linksys? Or a company that doesn’t even appear in the search results?

For a company that intends to become the “biggest company in the world”, this is a poor start.

What’s more, there’s no evidence that their video phone supports calling outside their own network.

In addition, this means that ACN’s claim that their phone is based on “proprietary technology” is a lie. It’s based on off-the-shelf, rebranded parts, probably sourced from the same factory in Taiwan that makes all the other video phones.

Nothing special here. Move on.

One thought on “ACN part VI: The video phone business model

  1. To clarify on above, ACN’s IRIS 2000 Videophone supports calling any phone number in the world. What makes it special is that there is no long Distance charges to call USA, Canada & Puerto Rico. Furthermore later in 2008 when ACN launches the Videophone in Europe there will be no Long Distance Charges to call Videophones in Europe from North America.

    The IRIS 2000 Videophone supports analog phone equipment. You can plug your current home phone into the IRIS 2000. This allows you to have extensions throughout your home to work.

    The IRIS 2000 Videophone are made in South Korea.

    The specs for the IRIS 2000 Videophone are available at

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