Australia adopts Chinese Internet policy

I was stunned and baffled today to read that not only is Australia implementing a national porn filter, but that there is no way to completely opt-out of the system.

Even if you switch off the “inappropriate for children” part, there remains in place an “inappropriate for anyone in Australia” part, the rules for which will presumably remain secret and under the control of someone who “knows better”.

Score -5 Kevin Rudd for clamping down on the open use of the nation’s critical information infrastructure. The greatest single benefit of the Internet is that it allows the completely free and uncensored flow of information. Sure it’s both a blessing and a curse, but the possibility of governments controlling what we’re allowed to read frightens me much more than the occasional person getting scammed.

2 thoughts on “Australia adopts Chinese Internet policy

  1. Yeah, agreed.
    Even though those of us savvy enough to have blogs are generally going to also be savvy enough to get around whatever filtering mechanism is installed, it’s still wrong on so many levels. Will someone please think of the adults?!?!?

  2. This is soo stupid. The Australian Government is so hypocritical. They critize the Chinese censorship but adopt the same policy and says its nothing.

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