Fine-tuning a Transformer model using

Recently I set out to train a Transformer model, based on Distil-GPT2, to write something like my mothers’ poetry. After much searching for the most concise way to do this, I think I’ve figured out a reasonable easy-to-understand approach that works for me in Google Colab. In [2]: !pip install fastai Looking in indexes:, reading “Fine-tuning a Transformer model using”

Irony overload as undecided voters criticise flip-flopper

Check out the buried lede in this article from Reuters: “Romney just has to prove that he’s conservative enough for me,” said Eleanor Stump, a 70-year-old Tea Party member from Sheldon, Iowa. “I don’t like the way he’s flip-flopped.” Stump said she initially supported Herman Cain, who dropped out of the race after charges ofContinue reading “Irony overload as undecided voters criticise flip-flopper”