Laughmageddon II: The Copenhagening

Over the last few months I’ve been gradually putting together a new comedy show. This will be my biggest ever, at a huge two-story venue at Trades Hall, Melbourne. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: Laughmageddon II: The Copenhagening. Fundamentally, it’s a bunch of top comics performing standup and a version of Al Gore’s “AnContinue reading “Laughmageddon II: The Copenhagening”

I work in New Media

One of the funniest things I saw last festival was a song by The Bedroom Philosopher called “I work in New Media”. It completely deflated the hyped-up bubble of “new media” language-mangling and revealed that, ultimately, none of us can describe what we do, let alone in 140 characters or less. Well, someone has finallyContinue reading “I work in New Media”

The Hotel gets 5 Stars in “The List”

I’m celebrating today as one of my shows, “The Hotel“, got 5 stars in The List. Still waiting for The Scotsman. Fingers crossed… In the meantime Edinburgh Fringe rolls on, taking my energy, liver and emotional stability with it. It’s a total rollercoaster, but of course I wouldn’t have it any other way. Good thingContinue reading “The Hotel gets 5 Stars in “The List””

Guest Appearance on Byte Into It

Last week on Melbourne’s 3RRR, Georgia Webster, Andrew Fish, Keren Flavell and myself discussed Windows 7, TinyXP, iPhone security, defamation, video games, the seeming success of the Australian ‘net filtering trial and my experiences at the Open Video Conference. It was a really fun experience and reminded me how much I miss radio. There’s somethingContinue reading “Guest Appearance on Byte Into It”

A Story About Stories

This is a piece I performed for the Northcote Storyteller’s Club today. It’s been an odd day, preceded by an even odder night – but that’s another story. I hope you enjoy it, whoever you are. The first part is a long and rambling semi-justification for the story that follows. It’s based on the recentContinue reading “A Story About Stories”

Planet Nerd is about to blow this sh*t sky-high

Hey all, My infrequent posting has been due to a time-consuming new project. Yea, indeed it is the Sarlacc of projects. I speak of none other than Planet Nerd. For those who haven’t yet come up to speed: It’s a variety show for Nerds It’s broadcast on Melbourne’s Channel 31 It ranks much better thanContinue reading “Planet Nerd is about to blow this sh*t sky-high”