World leaders delay climate agreement beyond Copenhagen Summit

Today at the APEC summit, President Obama announced that top world leaders would not form a binding, global agreement on CO2 emissions reduction at the Copenhagen Summit this December. They didn’t give any firm dates, beyond saying that such an agreement is not likely before the second half of 2010, which basically means 2011. ThisContinue reading “World leaders delay climate agreement beyond Copenhagen Summit”

Experience importing an existing Drupal site to Aegir

(Cross-posted from the Aegir group on Aegir is a brilliant new framework for managing web sites built in Drupal – upgrading, migrating, enabling, disabling and so, SO much more.) Hi all, I just wanted to share my experience migrating an existing site to Aegir, in the hope that others will find it illuminating andContinue reading “Experience importing an existing Drupal site to Aegir”

The Number One Hit for “Arsehole”

(Cross-posted from Tawtof) Ah Google. Any company that can have three copies of the Internet just kind of lying around is awesome to behold. And Google Image Search is a modern marvel. All the speed and power of Google Search, now with the nerve-rattling immediacy of images. However, despite the best efforts of thousands ofContinue reading “The Number One Hit for “Arsehole””

Mah Finance Sector Is Too Big

[Note: Credit for these ideas must go to many people, particularly Joshua Zeidner and Matthew Slater, both of whom are working on mutual credit, LETS and other alternative currency systems. Check out the Matt’s Complementary Currencies module for Drupal and, shortly, Josh’s JUNO API for connecting these systems together] I’ve kind of tuned out ofContinue reading “Mah Finance Sector Is Too Big”

A Story About Stories

This is a piece I performed for the Northcote Storyteller’s Club today. It’s been an odd day, preceded by an even odder night – but that’s another story. I hope you enjoy it, whoever you are. The first part is a long and rambling semi-justification for the story that follows. It’s based on the recentContinue reading “A Story About Stories”

Sending HTML Email with Wicket part II: Converting links

In my previous post, I showed how you can use Wicket‘s HTML rendering engine to render HTML emails by faking a request/response cycle. In this post, I’ll show you how to use an IVisitor to change image and anchor URLs to be absolute instead of relative. This is absolutely essential in order to make yourContinue reading “Sending HTML Email with Wicket part II: Converting links”

Render a Wicket page to a string for HTML email

Something that’s very desirable to do in Apache Wicket is create HTML emails using Wicket’s brilliant component-oriented markup. I’ve been working on this problem on and off for ages — it’s tricky because of teh way that markup rendering is so deeply tied to the requestcycle, which in turn is deeply dependent on the httpservletrequestContinue reading “Render a Wicket page to a string for HTML email”

Free SMS service notifications using Google Calendar

Today I had a small revelation. I was wracking my brains trying to figure out the SMS messaging provider to use to send myself service outage notifications for my clients’ web sites. Given that I have just a handful of clients so far, it makes no sense to use a provider that requires a minimumContinue reading “Free SMS service notifications using Google Calendar”

Training Junk Mail filter using Apple Mail and GMail IMAP Connector

Like most people, I get literally thousands of spam messages a month. I never see them, of course, because they’re filtered out by Gmail’s incredible spam filtering system. This is all well and good if you’ve got a Gmail account, but what if you want Google-quality filtering for your business or other mail accounts? Well,Continue reading “Training Junk Mail filter using Apple Mail and GMail IMAP Connector”