Debut TV Show – Planet Nerd

For the Broadband-endowed among us, we present to you: The Pilot for Planet Nerd!

Shh – don’t tell anyone.

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The Breakfast Show Live – Back for 2007

Hey, everybodies! The Breakfast Show is back for 2007, broadcasting on Melbourne’s Community TV powerhouse, Channel 31.

I’m going to be appearing every second Wednesday at 7:40am to present my own segment, tentatively titled “Beam Down to Planet Nerd”. The topics are usually computer-related but can range across the full spectrum of nerdiness, from slot cars to box kites.

An article appeared in The Age this morning which provides a well-rounded look at the evolution of the show, and the benefits and challenges of community media.

Tune in! IF YOU CAN.

Most audacious counterfeit ever

A great deal of hullabaloo and huffery-puffery has been generated between the WTO (i.e. the USA) and China over China’s failure to crack down on the production of counterfeit goods.

Until now, I never paid much notice. Who cares if China feeds the poor by selling fake designer handbags and copies of Windows XP?

But this is just outrageous.
The Magical KingsdomDunald DockDunald Dock 2

It’s a counterfeit Disneyland. Their slogan? “Because Disneyland is too far”. I’m not making this up.

You’ve got to admire that level of commitment.

Triple Trouble – All over including the shouting

Ladies and gentlemen…

Triple Trouble is now OVER for 2007

(cue streamers)
Thank you to everyone who took part, particularly those behind-the-scenes people who so rarely get credited:

  • Mia Anstee, promotion and front-of-house
  • Paul Verhoeven, promotion and front-of-house
  • Renata Muss, promotion (who also performed)
  • The Laundry, for giving me a room
  • And all my performers, for forgiving me the kinks and flaws that come with one’s debut show, and making the show funny night after night. Thank you!

That’s all for now folks – stay tuned.

And don’t forget, if you want to hear about future shows, you can subscribe to the mailing list using this form:



Triple Trouble – Final Nights!


I will admit, there have been dark moments. Times when I doubted what I was doing. Times when my ability to entertain was called into question by “The Man”. Or “The Woman”. Or “The Entire Audience”. But today I’m feeling a little better.


This is my first and probably only review of the festival, so I’m going to reproduce it in full. To see the original, click here.

Triple Trouble can be summed up in one word—excellent. Combining the best aspects of stand-up, some fun musical numbers, and some on the spot improvision, it delivered an amazing evening. As a long time fan of improvision shows, I was deadset on seeing this one, and my eagerness was richly rewarded. There is no real way to fully describe the sheer energy host Dan Walmsley has as he pranced about the stage, jokes coming thick and fast. The audience loved it.

Combining some great jokes from comedians like Duff, as well as some fun but shocking facts, it was a night of laughs. One of the great attractions of Triple Trouble was the Musical Odyssey—a musical journey of a theme chosen by the comedians and endorsed by the fans. An absolute delight.

The audience was presented with three themes for the Musical Odyssey, with the theme chosen according to how much applause was given. From pop artists taking over the world, to a boyfriend with an unfortunate fondness for his cacti collection, all the topics were great fun.

Triple Trouble is over 18’s only. If you’re in the mood for some laughs, and then some drinks, give it a go.

If you haven’t yet come to my show, read that review again and ask yourself why. We have two shows left – tonight and tomorrow – and they’re shaping up to be absolute corkers.

Tonight we have Karin Muiznieks playing her adorably off-kilter cabaret, The Crew performing an Instant Musical Odyssey, and comedy legend Duff delivering a headline spot worthy of actual headlines.

Tomorrow “Anyone for Tennis?” will open the show, The Crew bring more impro mayhem, and the brilliant Janelle Koenig headlines.

I hope to see you all there. But if only some of you are there I guess I’ll cope.

p.s. What the Hell?

Mark Watson’s 24 Hour Show hits Melbourne

Sometimes, Mark Watson does very long shows. In 2004, he did a very long one indeed: Mark Watson’s Overambitious 24-hour Show. I wasn’t there, but Andy McClelland was, and by all accounts a wonderful time was had by all.

In 2005 I became inadvertently entangled the next ill-advised marathon show, called “Mark Watson’s 2005 Years in 2005 Minutes”. I got to play some music. I absolutely loved the experience, so I blogged it.

Last year, Mark held a marathon show in Edinburgh again, this time it was his seemingly-impossible 36-hour circumnavigation of the world. I was stuck here in Melbourne, so some Melbourne comics (primarily Andrew McClelland, Lawrence Leung and Janet McLeod), punters and I got together and formed a Southern Embassy, complete with Web Site and online store. It got 5 stars in Chortle, so hurrah for Mark on this gargantuan effort. A record of the event appeared in The Groggy Squirrel.

Now, the 24-hour show hits Australia. Melbourne, to be precise. And what a time for it to hit! For it’s smack-bang in the middle-ish of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The show will be held TONIGHT, Sunday 22nd of April 2007, from midnight, until the following midnight. 24 solid hours. Oddly, in light of previous years, this feels like rather too little time to run a show. How quickly one adjusts.

Nevertheless I implore you to come on down, particularly if you are a lovely person with a variety of skills and blessed with equal measures of mischief and patience. Entry is just $5.

You can sign up for the mailing list and track events as they happen at

Tonight at Triple Trouble

If you missed last night at Triple Trouble, then you missed Geraldine Quinn railing against the innocence of youth, Declan Fay railing against psychotic radio station call-ins and Matt Elsbury railing against… well, everything. And a Musical Odyssey about Lucinda the Angel of Death that went completely off the rails.

TONIGHT (Wednesday) is Super Science Night! We have a packed line-up, including

  • the gorgeously hilarious Renata Muss
  • the sparklingly ramshackle Karin Muiznieks
  • the wildly witty Ben McKenzie (aka The Man in the Lab Coat)
  • the engagingly deranged Duff!
  • and the roaringly random Crew performing a totally made-up Instant Musical Odyssey

Thursday night is a Singing and Dancing Spectacular. Come on down and see:

  • Green Room award winning Cabaret Artist Geraldine Quinn
  • Groovy Interstate Musical Funsters “Hooray for Everything!”
  • The Crew, who will delight, surprise and possibly shock you with another Instant Musical Odyssey
  • Plus a Super Secret Dancing Surprise!

To get in to either of these shows for just $5, just say the secret password “Mister Tickle” to our charming door-person.

Don’t forget, Triple Trouble is on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at The Laundry. 50 Johnston St, Fitzroy, from 8:30pm.

Cheerio Comedy Folk!