September 11

Let’s put the comedy aside. On this day, I think it’s worth remembering why September 11 made the world so angry. It made us angry because some people, driven by principles we may never understand, killed thousands of innocent people while they went about their day. And our leaders made a point, one they drove home over and over. We don’t care what you stand for, no ideology can justify such a crime against humanity.

With this in mind, I would like you to consider the present day. What has been done in the name of those who died on September 11? The US government and its allies have waged war around the world. They have denied the sovereignty and human rights of countless thousands of people, ignored international treaties governing the treatment of prisoners of war, and created what could only be called a “war without end”. No battle front, no meaningful possibility of surrender, no territories or visible symbols of success are possible as each generation of terrorists killed breeds a new generation committed to killing in their name.

Nobody could argue that what happened on September 11 was justified. But, by the same principles, neither can we justify the response. To say that there is no possible justification for killing innocents, and then to construct our own ideology and perpetuate that same crime against humanity ourselves, is the most extreme hypocrisy I can imagine.

We have to stop the murder of innocent people. We have to stop trampling the rights of others in the name of our own twisted ideology and hatred. And we must have the will and imagination to create a world of peace.

And we’ll kill anyone who gets in our way.

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